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Ravishing India Holidays

Ravishing India Holidays

India for Kids!

May 19, 2017 / Blog

India for Kids!

Think that kids won’t love a holiday in India? Think again! There are many reasons why a family trip to India would be fun, exciting and educational for your little ones.


Live like little Kings and Queens!


India is home to many forts, palaces and havelis or mansions that belong to aristocrat families. A lot of these have been turned into hotels by both big chains like Alila as well as retained by the original owners to become cosy boutique stays.


All are gorgeous and many are easy on the pocket for Singaporeans. So your children get to spend their days playing royalty if they so wish, with surroundings to match! Creature comforts like swimming pools are very grand, as are the furniture and decorative elements of the properties.


We recommend Samode Haveli in Jaipur City for a chic boutique style stay and Nahargarh in Ranthambore if you want a hunting palace style experience.


Turn into Junior Rangers!


Our junior ranger club teaches kids all about wildlife in India as well as the ethical issues like sustainability, animal preservation and welfare of local communities.


It’s educational and eye-opening to witness what they learn come to life around them. The kit we design for the junior rangers come with a workbook, a special bag and a legit safari vest for them to don so that they can really play the role of ranges when they go for their safari trips on the open top jeep.


Try new cuisine


Indian cuisine is very diverse and not necessarily spicy – a misconception which many have. For instance, butter naan eaten with palak panneer (pureed spinach with cheese curd) is a pleasing dish for many youngsters.


Other types of dishes which your younger ones may love include kulfi, a type of Indian ice-lolly which is creamy and perfect for the hot weather!


They may also recognize familiar dishes like prata, which is called paratha in Northern India. Talk to them about the differences in texture; it’s less white and fluffy and has a denser texture which is no less yummy once you get started.


Deck them out in cool clothes

Stock up on outfits for their next Racial Harmony day in school! There are plenty in the street stalls and market bazaars in the city. Or if you prefer shopping in air-conditioned comfort, check out stores like A Little Fable which makes beautiful designer clothing for children in premium fabric (read:  more comfortable for their delicate skin!) or the popular Fab India boutiques where you can pick a thing or two for yourself and home furnishings too.



Of course, there are plenty of other ways your kids will be entranced by India – these are just a few! To find out more about other kid-friendly stuff we have up our sleeve, do get in touch with us at Ravishing India!