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Ravishing India Holidays

Ravishing India Holidays


June 13, 2017 / Blog


If all that you know about Indian cuisine is what you've tasted in Singapore, then you're missing out on a whole spectrum of dazzling flavours! This is the land of fragrant spices we're talking about here: clove, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg make magic on your palate when prepared authentically by the masters of the kitchen.

And what better way to experience Indian flavours than to go straight to the source? I like our local prata and banana leaf fish-head curry as much as any proud, shorts and flip-flop wearing Singaporean but new taste experiences broaden ones horizon (and stomach, but that's a different story…) so from the team at Ravishing India, here are our top five recommendations of what you should try when you holiday with us. Our choices might surprise you…


1. Thosai it your way

Thosai it your way

Skip the omelette station and go straight for this Indian version of a crepe/pancake made of a fermented batter of rice and black gram a.k.a mungo bean. Also known as Dosa, it makes for a hearty breakfast. Choose what dipping sauces you like from the various chutneys available and dip it into a sambar (clear and slightly spicy vegetable broth) for a refreshing taste.

2.Spicy paneer pizza

Spicy paneer pizza

As a true-blue carnivore, I'm normally not super excited when I find out that I'm to be served meatless dishes but the "non-veg" options I had during my last trip really surprised me – in a nice way. And I'm talking Western café-style food like this divine spicy paneer pizza from O2 The Plant Café in Lal Kothi, Jaipur. The paneer-style cheese was barbequed and mingled with other toppings like green chilli, coriander and fresh tomato. Very Indian, slightly Italian, all yummy.

3. Cheese vada pao

Cheese vada pao

If ever there were such a thing as an Indian veggie burger, this would be it. And it rocks! It’s basically a patty of cheese-stuffed potato balls deep-fried in batter then stuck in between two soft buns. Take a big bite along with some mint chutney and green chilly for relish. Guaranteed to hit the spot. Go ahead and have two!

4. Pani Puri

Pani Puri

This street snack is so delightful that even Jiggs Kalra of fine dining resto Punjab Grill chose to turn it into an amuse bouche he served up at his posh restaurant. But it’s really an everyman dish that is familiar all over India, also known as Golgappa and Punchkka depending on which area you’re at. A round, crispy cup holds a mix of potato, onion, chickpeas, chilli, chutney and chaat masala along with some tangy flavoured water. Eating it can be kind of tricky but popping the whole concoction in your mouth is the tidiest way to eat it.

5. Kulfi for me and you

Kulfi for me and you

In India, people scream for kulfi, not ice cream. It’s a frozen, milky, dessert – reminiscent of an ice-lolly or our local potong ice creams. Unlike commercially made ice-cream we’re used to, the kulfi has a pure, unadulterated flavor, with hints of rose water, saffron and pistachio hitting your palate as you wolf down the snack. Pandit Kulfi in Jaipur’s walled city is highly recommended for good, fresh kulfi.

Is your tummy growling yet? We can help you there: book yourself in for a foodie getaway with Ravishing India holidays for more must-try dishes!