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Because You Deserve a Break

Think you deserve a holiday? It is about time then. When the wanderlust feelings start to peak, a vacation beckons. Take that well-deserved break, where you need not fret about the details, and yet be assured that all your whims and fancies will be catered to.

We only offer the best – not necessarily the most expensive or luxurious – but the best once in a lifetime experience for you.

Think seamless air travel, luxurious accommodations, gastronomical dining and entry passes to exclusive places. Tell us what you like, from the food to the sights, from the palaces to the streets, from the majestic mountains to the lowest valleys, live it up with an itinerary that can be customized to suit you and your companions. Want to relish the thrill and yet don't mind a little grit to get that local experience? We can make that happen. We strive to plan a vacation for you beyond your wildest dream. We will do what it takes to surpass your expectations, with a little help from you of course, it will certainly be an adventure to be savored.

Personal Concierge

Your personal travel concierge, being well versed in English, can be your accompanying escort and travel with you to various places in India, ensuring that you are well looked after and your safety assured at all times. You will be equipped with a private car and driver at your disposal, butler service at every place of stay and most importantly, you can be assured of the most gracious hospitality that India has to offer.

Our team at Ravishing India Holidays specializes in the Golden Triangle, Rajasthan and North India and we are most passionate about our wildlife tours! Come experience Indian Safaris, national wildlife parks and sanctuaries, and be dazzled by what nature has to offer. Every experience is different; it can simply be witnessing a deer trot by during its golden hour, or a troupe of elephants in the breaking dusk. See the glitter of the tiger's eyes in the dark and the mini marathons that the panthers execute with breathtaking speed and agility.  Catch a glimpse of other rare entities like the snow leopards, sloth bears, lions and white rhinos. Watch them roam in their natural habitat and be totally at ease with nature as you fish by a river with crocodiles basking nearly under the sun. Not forgetting the occasional performance conducted by nature's very own orchestra of birds. The region is home to numerous endemic and endangered species of birds, reptiles and mammals. It is also a haven for many migratory and resident birds of the desert. Their resplendent hues as they take to flight can leave one speechless and awed.

Experience Glamping

It's the notion of living in a tent but with all the luxuries of a 5 star hotel. Think of food prepared by the butler and served piping hot to you in your air-conditioned abode.  Soak in a hot bathtub with your feet up after a day of safari and an encounter with the famed Bengal tiger. Take time to meditate and rejuvenate, to recuperate and energize yourself.  Come away to clear and sharpen your mind and to rest your body and soul.

The results, a renewed spirit with ideas and initiatives, and even thoughts becoming more focused, rich, clear and powerful. Nature not only helps you listen to your inner voices, it can also inspire new purpose and passions. Quality vacations are one of the highest-return investments you can make. Be awed by the beauty of God's creation and mesmerized by India's beauty and rich culture, its myriad of colors and iridescent hues. Go ahead, indulge yourself, after all, you only live once and because you deserve a break!

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