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experience nature & wildlife up close

Come experience nature and wildlife at a close range with the best naturalists in the field. Stay in luxuriously-appointed tents situated in and around the national parks and watering holes for that unforgettable safari experience. For family travelling with kids, the little ones would love our specifically tailored “Junior Rangers Club” program. Feel the magic of a safari, experience oneness with nature; a surreal experience long felt after time has lapse.

For those fascinated by history and culture

Our knowledgeable guides will enthral you with details about how forts were protected, share the history behind majestic centuries-old architecture and marvel at the way the modern city developed around it. Food is integral in cultural identity and our heritage trips will introduce you to a sampler of the region’s different specialty recipes. You may even get a chance cook in a local villager’s home or be a chef-for-day at one of our hotel kitchens!

Looking for an extraordinary escape and quality couple time?

These trips feature the most romantic destinations in India coupled with bespoke experiences that will thrill and excite as you share the moment with your loved one. Rediscover and nurture your love by coming away on any one of these trips. Be it a honeymoon, anniversary, romantic getaway or couple's retreat, we offer the epitome of love through our specially arranged gastronomical meals, mesmerising views, romantic stays and surprises. Come away for a luxe couple retreat and be pampered by us.

Family trips are planned with activities for different generations and gender

Your charges will be well taken care off and we will ensure that all the little details are covered. Come for a truly wonderful and relaxing vacation, as everyone will get his or her whims and desires fulfilled.

Awaken the senses

Find your zen with our yoga and meditation retreats in breathtaking locations. Enjoy a holistic experience with curated meals, detox programmes, philosophical teaching sessions and ayurvedic spa treatments.

Heart work

Enrich your time in India as you impact the lives of the less fortunate. Activities can range from building and painting schools, cleaning up the national parks, spending time in orphanages to being a volunteer in medical camps. We promise a meaningful addition to your time in India.

Corporate Travel

Whether you're in India for work and want to extend your time in India for a short trip or want to put together a corporate retreat, our personal concierge will take care of all you needs. Explore the city, indulge in a gastronomic experience and pamper yourself with India's finest spa treatments. Be sure to feel refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way!

Pop Up
Pop-up features one-off itineraries that take advantage of a particular event, festival or season

Pop-up trips can happen anytime, anywhere in India and for varying durations from 1 day to 1 month! Sign up for our newsletter or check in often to see what pops up!

Choose your itinerary

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