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Option 1: Delhi – Sawai Madhopur – Delhi (Available October – June)

Option 2: Delhi – Leh – Delhi (Available July- September)

Who would have associated India and Glamping? Let us prove everyone wrong! We offer 2 destinations depending on time of travel – Winter season in Rajasthan and Summer season in the Himalayan.

We present to you the ultimate travel experience – living next to nature in a tent or treehouse decked out with 5-star amenities and luxuries. This travel experience is for the wildlife and nature enthusiast – daily safari runs followed by quiet evenings spent sitting by the campfire while you are enthralled by rajasthani dancers and musicians. Expect fine dining under the blanket of stars, personal butler service, hot rose-petal bathtub soaks after a day out in the jungle. What makes this tour stand out from all other tours is that our naturalists are the best in the country and carefully selected based on their knowledge and ability to spot and identify the abundant wildlife.

Come summer, our national parks in Rajasthan closes for a time of rejuvenation and we head up towards the Himalayan for more glamping experiences!

Visit Ladakh, also known as “Little Tibet” for the most breathtakingly dramatic sceneries and rugged terrains. Our travel concierges will take you off the beaten paths to mystical monasteries and colourful village homes where you will be housed in our nomadic super luxury tents.


An Ultimate Glamping Experience in India

Want to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comforts of a hotel room? Ravishing India Holidays just have the perfect trip recommendation for you. India is known for many things including their rich culture, amazing cuisine, and thriving wildlife, but did you know that the country is also a popular glamping destination to tourists from all over the world. Glamping in India is a must experience for those who want to stay comfy and chill while still enjoying the idea of traditional camping.

Glamping Season Availability

Here at Ravishing India Holidays, we offer glamping packages travellers could enjoy all-year round. Below are the options we have:

  • The Delhi-Sawai Madhopur-Delhi – available during the months of October to June (Autumn to Springtime)
  • The Delhi-Leh-Delhi – available during the months of July to September (or during summer season)

Glamping Destinations

The location of your glamping trip depends on the time of your arrival. We have two highly destinations to make this experience a memorable one. During the cold or winter season, the Rajasthan camping site provides the best views and activities. On summertime, you may enjoy a luxury retreat along the Himalayan region.

World-Class Amenities & Accommodations

As we are committed in giving you the most perfect travel experience, each of our tent and tree house is equipped with 5-star amenities providing you the luxury you deserve. During the day, we arranged you to have a unique wildlife experience through our safari trips. At night time, you can spend a quiet time while sitting by the campfire. You may also enjoy an entertaining evening while watching Rajasthani performers.

In addition, we also provide a fine dining experience under the stars as well as offer personal butler service to make you feel like a royalty. We also have hot rose-petal bath to pamper and relax your sense right after a long tiring day of tour. These are just some of luxuries you can enjoy when you book your travel with us.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure when you contact us now. Start booking your trips with us by emailing us at: You may also get in touch with us by calling us or adding us on WhatsApp thru the following numbers:

India Office: (+91) 9460-440-826

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