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Hornbill festival – Glamping in Exotic Nagaland

Set in the heart of the Angami Naga country, the Kohima Camp, operates for only 10 days a year when it is set up exclusively for the colourful and exotic Hornbill festival in December. The camp is located in the foothills of the picturesque Japfu mountain and offers luxurious tented accommodation, ideal as a base for witnessing the celebrations of the warrior tribes of Nagaland. Each day brings forth their vibrant performances, crafts, sports like archery and wrestling, food fairs, games and religious ceremonies.

At Kohima Camp, Nagaland, relax in individually designed tents, with en-suite bathrooms, crisp linen and the services of your very own butler. Enjoy a drink of the local rice beer, savour delicious tribal recipes and participate in celebrations of the unique Hornbill Festival.

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