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This tour gives you bragging rights for seeing India’s big 5 mammals in 3 of India’s best national parks. This tour covers a lot of ground but gives you the opportunity to see the Bengal tiger, one horn rhino, elephant, leopard and Asiatic lion.

A Glamping & Safari Expidition in India

When it is your first-time to go on a glamping tour or not, Ravishing India Holidays can arrange an unforgettable trip you’ll surely enjoy. We provide unique and luxurious glamping packages in India to give you a full experience of the wilderness.

As we want to offer the best tour you could possibly imagine, all of our glamping packages we’re offering is coupled with activities, treks, and safari adventure adding more spice to your travel. We never miss to display the greatest treasures of India which allows you to enjoy and appreciate the country fully.

The TRELL Tour

If you’re adventurous enough to see all of India’s wildlife, we’re offering you this TRELL tour. This is a 10 days and 9 nights tour covering a total of three national parks in India just to give you an upclose viewing to the country’s greatest mammals. Come face-to-face with Bengal tiger, Indian rhinoceros (commonly called as one-horned rhino), elephant, leopard, and Asiatic lion.

If this is not thrilling enough for you, don’t worry. Our team can make adjustments on your plans to maximise your trip and ensure you’re having a great time as you get to know India. We could also offer historic tours to India’s most notable landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, and other religious temples. Aside from that, our guides could also provide the best recommendations when it comes to tasting authentic Indian cuisine.

A Travel of a Lifetime

Here at Ravishing India Holidays, we make it our mission to give you the well-deserved break you need as you visit and wander around the beautiful nation of India. This is why we allow you to customise your trip based off solely on the things you want to do.

Discover the true beauty of India by booking your travel with us. For more details about our packages, feel free to contact us via email at: You may via phone or WhatsApp thru the following numbers:

India Office: (+91) 9460-440-826

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