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Delhi – Bharatpur – Sawai Mahopur – Delhi

This tour takes you to Kaoladeo National Park, India’s premier birdwatching sanctuary followed by Ranthambhore National Park famous it’s abundant wildlife – tigers, chital deers, sambar deers, leopards, sloth bears and hyenas. Experience staying in Mughal-inspired tented wilderness camps completed with expansive living space, bathtub, air-condition and wifi.

Uncovering India’s Greatest Treasure – India Golden Temple

Venture to one of the holiest places in India – The Golden Temple when you turn only to Ravishing India Holidays. We offer passes to this stunning temple to allow anyone to appreciate the beauty and spirituality of the place. Anyone is free and welcome to celebrate their faith and belief in this sacred destination.

Getting to Know the Golden Temple

While it is popularly referred to as the Golden Temple, it is also known as the Sri Harmandir Sahib which is literally translated as the “abode of God.” It is situated in the city of Amritsar in Punjab, India. It is among the most prominent heritage sites in the country as well as the oldest worship places for the Indian Sikh.

The top portion of the temple is made out of gold, hence the name “Golden Temple.” Aside from its unique aesthetics and architectural structure, the temple brags its surrounding manmade lake which is known as the “Amrit Sarovar” (literally translated as the Pool of Holy Nectar). All those who wish to step into the temple have to walk on the lake to get there to ensure your feet are clean.

The Golden Temple has been standing in the Amritsar for over 440 centuries and has been the site of meditation for Sikh Gurus since. The temple can be entered into four different sides reflecting the religion’s openness and acceptance to anyone. Its walls are decorated with hand painted mosaics and patterns which depicts the Mughal and Indian culture.

Set off in a spiritual and enlightening journey to India by visiting the Golden Temple. Allow us to plan and arrange your trip to discover more about this sacred destination when you contact us today. For queries and details, feel free to email us at:  info@ravishingindiaholidays.com. You may also call us or add us on WhatsApp thru the following numbers:

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