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What our guests share about their RIH travel experience

Mok Family

Hi Felicia, We are back. We had an awesome time. Bikky was great and we really appreciated the flexibility in the scheduling so the kids could rest needed too. He and MD the driver were very attentive and helpful. Kids got along very well with them. Matthew our youngest still misses him! Once again, thanks for the holiday!

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Jasmine & Luke

The staff at Ravishing India Holidays, RIH has been nothing short of amazing. We were first picked up at the airport. But even prior to arrival, we had the wonderful experience of being taken care of. Our visas were promptly settled when we encountered difficulty submitting online. And the itinerary carefully crafted out to make the best use of our time in India. And furthermore, we were given good advice on what to bring and prepped on what to expect on arrival. Everything was so properly organized and smooth that it made the start of the holiday so hassle-free and easy. This can be quite unnerving especially when you don’t know what to expect and prepare for. Having heard the many wonderful testimonies of others, we decided to experience for ourselves and there is definitely no regrets for doing so. Ravishing India Holidays took care of all the travel arrangements and coordinating of transfers etc that you literally need not have to trouble about it.  The concierge, Mr. Ashraq was waiting for us and the moment we arrived at Delhi airport, we knew exactly what to do and where to look out for him as he had texted us prior to arrival. Over the many days we were there, he was always prompt in attending to our needs, spoken and even unspoken. He observed and begin to understand the likes and dislikes of our children and was so helpful in assisting us in moving about, from point to point, communicating to others about what we wanted. He arranged the guides and patiently waited for us at every place. He made special arrangements to bring us places we wanted to go, rides we wanted to take, and items we wanted to get. We were often clueless about prices and what the market rates and practices were and he provided the much needed advice. During tours, you often have to rush about to capture as much of the place in so short a period of time. However, the beauty in this trip was that though there was a customized itinerary curated for us, we could make changes according to what suited us whilst on the trip and there were ample times of rest when we wanted them. In Delhi, we started with a rickshaw ride around old Delhi in Chandi Chowk followed by sightseeing in Jama Masjid & Spice Market in Old Delhi. We got to see Qutub Minar, a world heritage site. We visited the step well and saw how water was collected during the early days. In Agra, we went to two heritage sites - Agra Fortand the Taj Mahal (7 Wonders of the World)  The sights- the stately palaces and grand forts and monuments, all beautifully kept and maintained despite the passage of time. Intricate details in every sense of the word. The colours and attention to details in everything demand that nothing short of the best be given. Makes one appreciate excellence and beauty at its best.  The highlights of the trip for the children especially were the safaris at Ranthambore. We were even given time alone while the kids went on safari. This would not be possible if not for Ravishing India Holidays. Special thanks to RK Pandey for arranging the kids junior ranger programme and taking the kids for the educational safari programme, spotting the tigers and being able to see them at close range and admire their beauty and splendour. And being with Ravishing India Holidays, you can be guaranteed that😁😜. The Ranthambhore fort (UNESCO heritage site) visit at sunset was totally romantic without kids, and with a picnic mat and snacks and tea, and the sun setting right in front of us, set up nicely by our concierge, Ashfaq. Even whilst on the road trips, our concierge Ashraq kept the kids entertained with their favourite music and videos. He captured many precious moments we had together, being our personal photographer and videographer.  In Jaipur, we had the thrill of taking the Vespa rides with the sidecars with Zoomz to experience the city sights. We had fun with bazaar shopping and going to the Jaipur markets.    There was a guided tour of the City Palace and Jantar Mantar (UNESCO heritage sites) in Pink City Jaipur. The stroll of Amber Fort (UNESCO heritage site) with the sound and light show and Sheesh Mahal - famous monuments in Jaipur further enriched the experience, along with the early morning Dera Amer Elephant ride was so enchanting, especially for the kids. Our last stop was at Udaipur where we took the boat ride about the lake. The tour of the beautiful scenery of the lakes and palaces really makes one feel like royalty when walking the grounds of the palace.  The food, is definitely amazing and such varieties to try, that a diet is warranted at the end of it, especially when you are brought to all the best food around the region😋 The shopping, unbelievable!! Much to see and even more to take home. The workmanship in every handicraft and handmade item are all one of a kind. And even customized accordingly to what you want. To end it all, my take on making trips are always to go with someone you can trust and who know the place well to bring you around and being with Ravishing India Holidays, it has indeed exemplified that. Taking the domestic flight from Udaipur to Delhi, the check-in at the airport was all easily settled with Ashraq with us.  Ravishing India Holidays have indeed made my trip a truly enriching one and changed my whole perception of the place, the people, and the culture. The hotels that we were put up in, were coordinated to ensure our maximum comfort for the whole family, and we felt really at home staying in all of them. The staff at the various hotels were helpful and those of Trident hotels deserve special mention for their service and hospitality. Even before ending the trip, we are already contemplating on future trips with RIH! Thank RIH,you are the best.

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Amanda Loh

Incredible India. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went with an open mind and a relaxed attitude. We landed in rush hour New Delhi traffic and arrived at the luxurious Oberoi New Delhi, a peaceful haven in the city. The following morning, we set off early for an almost 8-hour drive to Rajasthan. But not before enjoying the Oberoi’s sumptuous buffet breakfast! The ride to Rajasthan was an eye-opener of a road trip, with brightly coloured trucks on the road and drivers’ incessant use of the horn. We sped past beautiful fields of bright yellow mustard plants and farmers harvesting crops like onions. For someone used to organized roads, there was something fun about the chaotic (bud oddly safe) traffic, driving against traffic. If we took a wrong turn, the driver simply turned against traffic, zipped down the right road, and no one batted an eyelid. The easy-going attitude was restful indeed. Of course, the main reason for heading to Rajasthan was to go on safari. This being my first safari, again I went with an open mind. Now that I’ve gone on one, I can say from first hand experience that the most comfortable way of doing safari is this: go in an open-air jeep provided by a reliable company (thanks Ravishing India Holidays!); go only with people you enjoy spending time within said jeep; go supplied with hot water bottles and blankets, snacks and hot drinks thoughtfully provided by the hotel (thanks Oberoi Vanya Villas for the superb service!). Needless to say, the proper clothes and gear are a must to battle both the cold mornings, hot afternoons and back to cold evenings as the sun sets. What was going on safari like? First of all, I love landscapes so it was lovely staring at rock cliffs, water bodies and old forts high up above us. Second, the animals in Ranthambore National Park are certainly roaming happily and freely. It was a thrill to see animals in the wild - samba deer, spotted deer, peacocks, monkeys and more. The undisputed king of the jungle was the lordly tiger. They napped in the tall grasses and strolled under the trees. With them around, the jungle’s atmosphere changed. The other animals’ warning calls alerted us to the presence of the tigers, as well as the tigers’ paw prints on the dusty roads. It was fun and educational to learn about tigers and other wildlife. I went on both a full day safari and 2 half-day safaris. The full day safari has the advantage of letting you stick around when you are hot on the trail of a tiger. But it does get hot at noon so the half-day safari allows for a respite from the heat and dust. The ride itself is dusty, wildly bumpy and thrilling (it’s like 1 long theme park ride from Universal Studios where the Mummy meets Transformers meets Jurassic Park). If you’ve ever watched the 1996 movie Twister, it’s kind of like that except that here you’re chasing tigers instead of hurricanes. And when your driver is on the hunt, hold on tight! One thing is for sure, I could have been driving around for days and not seen a single tiger without the experience and skill of our guide and naturalist, RK. A knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic guide is Essential with a capital E for a solid safari experience. As RK shared with us, you need Passion and Patience to be able to find tigers. And find them we did. They are such majestic and wild creatures that it was really unbelievable to have them stalking past the Jeep without any safety barriers. Finally, after an afternoon of chasing after tigers, it was nice to end off with a small but potent cup of hot chai. RK brought us to a well-known roadside stall where we munched on samosas and sipped chai in our open-air jeep while dogs, cows, and boars strolled by. Just another day in Incredible India. Now to check out Udaipur and Jaipur!

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Shirin & Hafiz

Dear RIH Team, Thank you for planning one of the most memorable honeymoon for us from 7 Dec to 14 Dec 2018. Concierge, Mr. Shubham and our professional driver, Mr. Shankar, looked after our well-being and tried to fulfill our requests as much as they could. The honeymoon accommodation in Jaipur and Jaisalmer were one of a kind. Heritage hotel Narain Niwas Palace was a dream and Mariott Jaisalmer was any honeymooner's dream location. We were glad that RIH planned 2 nights each here for us. In Jaisalmer, we also had a desert tent stay in Manvar Resort. It was a good stay but activities were limited. We were hoping for a thrilling sand dune ride, but Manvar arranged a jeep safari and a camel ride which made up for it, a bit. Zoomz sidecar was a unique experience that should be retained by RIH. This unique selling point is great and a wonderful way to see the sights and sounds in Jaipur. ( Perhaps provide blankets for sidecar passenger, during winter rides. ) Guides at Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodphur were average but informative enough for us to understand. One point to note was that the guides brought us to several retail showrooms which could have been replaced with some self-shopping in the respective markets. RIH concerige, Mr. Shubham and Mr. Shanker helped us in this area and brought us to some shopping areas in Jodphur and in WTP. We even got to try some local food in the evening which was a good local experience. But many shops were closing at night so we had limited experience. Nevertheless, we were thankful for their initiative and their careful observations. We were also provided a comfortable ride throughout our 6-7 days road trips here. There were candies, wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers and even bottled water provided throughout our road trip. Despite the 12 hour ride from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, due to the canceled Spicejet flight, it was a smooth and pleasant ride. We managed to complete all the things in our itinerary and did much more too. Like we saw the lights and sound show at Amer fort in the evening. It was spectacular and we enjoyed it. We chased the sunsets in Jaisalmer at a really beautiful place and stopped by Om Banna temple otw back to Jaipur to see the unique practice. We also experienced local wedding processions and stopped by to witness it a few times. It was indeed a honeymoon experience of a lifetime, made possible with a heart-warming team. Thank you, RIH!

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Going to India, was indeed a wonderful experience. I had a blast and enjoyed myself. I felt like the fun would never end, because we kept going to exciting places, and I enjoyed the places we were brought to, including the restaurants that served gastronomical food. One reason why I love India is because the people there were friendly and kind, even the hotel staff gave excellent service, and they were really patient even though we made many requests. What I enjoyed most was the safari, it was fun to go on the bouncy rides and spotting the tigers and many others animals. It was a thrilling adventure. I would definitely love to come back. Thank you Ravishing India Holidays for the fun-filled experience. From Keziah Age 12 Without the help from anyone😬

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Leanne Moore

From my first inquiry through to the final itinerary of my very own personalized Ravishing India Holiday, it was a smooth and easy process. Bikky, the Services Manager, did such a wonderful job organizing the perfect holiday for me. Ashfaq, my amazing concierge, made sure I enjoyed every moment of it....and my driver Suroop, kept me safe on the crazy roads of India over the many Klms traveled. There really wasn't a dull moment with so many interesting sights to see with a local guide in each different city to give me as much information as I wanted. Some of my highlights...(and there were many) *Tuk tuk riding through the narrow streets of Old Delhi. *The ZOOMZ Vespa sidecar ride through Jaipur which was so much fun, I loved this! *A hot air balloon ride, also over Jaipur, was an optional extra but so worth it! *Watching the sunset on Lake Pichola from the Lake Palace in Udaipur. *Meeting my concierges family when we passed through the city of Chittorgarh.... such beautiful, sweet, friendly people. *And finally Ranthambhore National Park....the tiger safaris here were awesome, there was plenty of other wildlife to see and very beautiful scenery. The fort here is truly spectacular and watching the sunset from the top was a magical experience; the Grande Finale to my perfect 10 days Indian adventure. I always felt safe and cared for, which is important for me, being a solo female traveler. I would totally recommend Ravishing India Holidays to anyone who wants to see the best of India with the best people looking after you. I know I will be back! I can't wait! Leanne Moore Brisbane Australia 26th Sept- 5th Oct 2018

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Sarah & Anne

Hi Felicia and the team at Ravishing India,

I just want to say thank you for an amazing trip - a true life experience.

Firstly, we loved Alok. He made all the difference, his careful planning and constant support of our needs was perfect.  He was there with a supporting arm at every step that Anne took and made sure that there were wheelchairs and appropriate places to visit.  He has enthusiasm and fun that is infectious.  We thoroughly enjoyed his company, his openness to questions, his knowledge and interest.

Our driver, Prem did a fine job covering many, many miles. He was consistently alert and I felt totally safe in his hands. He was kind, happy and helpful.

RK - well what is not to love about this man's passion for tigers and the chance to share it with us.  An extraordinary man and we felt privileged to spend as much time with him as we did.

We stayed in some amazing hotels - we particularly liked the old fort hotel and the desert camp - and Anne will gravitate to the Trident if she ever visits again. they did a good job too.

Our tour was balanced, interesting, sensible, fun and at times breathtaking.

May your company continue to thrive! - we will not hesitate to recommend you to all we know.

Thank you!

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Dave & Lyn

We had the most amazing trip to India. Our concierge Alok met us at Mumbai airport and after that everything was just perfect. We were given a phone with WiFi with a hotspot, so we could keep in touch if needed, this was a really nice idea and really made the experience feel all that more personal. In another personal and impromptu moment, Alok even organised a surprise cake for our 42nd wedding anniversary, this was so unexpected and really added to the personal experience. The trip included the service of having Alok personally follow us throughout the entire trip from arrival in Mumbai right through to our departure in Delhi and this gave us the peace of mind for the safety and comfort one would otherwise be very hard to find when exploring a country unknown to us.

All the guides were informative, particularly the guide we had in Kochi who not only knew the history of the area but also told us very interesting facts about the flora and fauna.

The accommodation was more than up to standard and we particularly loved Maidens Hotel which was grand in a colonial way and extremely comfortable, an experience that will last for a long time to come. The one hotel in Jaipur was not up to standard but this didn't spoil our holiday, the staff were very, if not over attentive but all that was really needed was to keep the place clean and hygienic. We mentioned this to Alok who we have every confidence will sort out for future tours.

All the guides and drivers were polite, respectful, and friendly, even to the extent of making the driver available to take us to a restaurant and waiting until we had finished our meal.

We, when all said and done, had an absolutely amazing holiday which will stay in our memories forever. It gave us just a solid taste of India and we look forward to returning to explore in more detail in the future.

Thank you for running such a professional and classy service and for making our first ever India trip a lifetime experience that we will treasure forever!

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trip with Ravishing India to anyone.

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